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Fancy winning two tickets to a performance of your choice at one of our local theatres?

Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells has teamed up with the Trinity Theatre and the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells to bring you the Prize Performance. For your chance to win two tickets to one of their productions, simply answer the question and fill in the form below.

Answer this question to win!

Win a pair of tickets to go and see a show at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells later in the year. Did you know it was back in 1974 that the Church Commissioners declared Holy Trinity "redundant to pastoral needs," thereby allowing for its potential demolition, and redevelopment of the site as housing or offices. However, after a petition was raised by the Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society, the commissioners gave the society one year to find a suitable public use for the building. After approving in principle a plan to turn the building into a community theatre and arts centre in 1976, £50,000 was raised in six months, to allow a long term lease to be agreed from January 1977. Subsequent grants have allowed developments to include a cafeteria, public bar. In March 1996 an application was approved by the National Lottery for £600,000 of additional internal improvements, which provided a computerised box office, new seats, and an access ramp for wheelchair users.

So for your chance to win a pair of tickets to go and see a show at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells later in the year, can you answer this question, when was the lease signed to allow the Holy Trinity Church to become a community and arts centre? Was it...

  • A: April 1966
  • B: January 1977
  • C: August 1988

Winner drawn: When Normal Service Resumes

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