Outside Broadcasts

Throughout the year our outside broadcast team travel around the towns in the area broadcasting special shows back to our studios in Tunbridge Wells.

Entertaining the shoppersThese shows are our way of entertaining the shoppers, raising money and entertaining the patients back at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury and Tonbridge Cottage hospital. The day typically begins at 8am when the rigging team arrive to scale heights, run wires and plug everything to everything else (or so it would seem to the untrained eye). By 9.30 we're ready for testing. The power is switched on and a call is made to the studios to check our transmission. At 10am our broadcast begins. Our collectors are dotted around the area ready to accept donations and the rigging team disappear for a well earned breakfast.

During the course of the day, several presenters are at the helm entertaining both patients and shoppers alike. At some of our outside broadcasts we even have on-the-spot prize giveaways.

At 4pm the final presenter of the day hands back to the studios where our programmes continue. The rigging team then return as the de-rigging team and begin to pack all the equipment away. By 5pm everything is packed away ready for the journey back to the studios. Another successful event completed.

Tune in to our What's On Guide to hear details of where we will be appearing next!

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