Big Screen Contest

Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells has teamed up with the Stag in Sevenoaks to bring you the Big Screen Contest. For your chance to win two tickets to a film showing at the Stag, simply answer this question and fill in the form below.

The Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells Big Screen Contest

We have teamed up with the Stag in Sevenoaks to bring you the opportunity of winning two tickets to a film at the Stag. Answer the question below to enter the draw and you could be a winner. Check back fortnightly for more chances to win with Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells and the Stag in Sevenoaks.

Answer this question to win!

The film 1917 is being shown at cinemas throughout the country. It's about 2 soldiers in World War 1 tasked with crossing dangerous territory to call off an attack. But who directed the film? Was it...

  • A: Sam Mendes
  • B: Martin Scorsese
  • C: Quentin Tarantino

Winner drawn: January 29th 2020

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